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This blog is geared more towards writing, poetry, and bitching about life. I might add some photography or parts of my life as well. Enjoy my complicated mind!
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Uncomfortably Numb

Innocence is taken

Just another heartbreak awakened

Clouding up, sight disappears

I am shaken beyond my flowing tears

My heart fast then slow

A merry-go-round of emotion will grow

Faded strength breaking the day

Dark and alone my faith turning gray

Strike me, tear me, blow me away

I fear what’s near for emotional decay

My spine so stricken tingling, mingling

Bumps to the surface of my skin slowly shingling

I can’t feel my fate

To which I will no longer partake

Arching my evolution, I’m numb

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We’re Alive, But Are We Living?

Wandering alone

In small town secretion

Suppression full blown

Bound with emotional deletion

Sensitive to the touch

of skin through soul

Mountains on top

My lungs take a toll

The sand so certain, so lulling, so plain

Bodies are broken

Drowning in the rain

Nothingness lurking space inside of space

Perhaps a spec of confirmation

bound to be chased

My eyelids close

bit by bit

Light has been compromised

The fire inside still tragically lit

From faith I will arise

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My Bottle

Through the sleep I love so dear

Of lightness it seems to disappear

Like the sunrise there is a crack of light shining through

Where there is no turning back I must try

Time flies by with angst and aggression

All I want is peace

My feel so cold on hardwood floor

The taunts of the day could not be more

Rising like a flower wanting to start new

With the darkness coming the feelings grew

The growls within unsatisfied forever

Though mind so powerful, the promised come never

Creatures inside me unsettled, unspoken

As I spin slowly down and around of the drain I will not be awoken

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Teddy Bears and Nightmares

Teddy, oh Teddy

I love you so much

So furry, so soft to the touch

Eyes of promise

No hate, no fear

I always feel better when you’re near

Teddy, my Teddy

How loyal you’ve been

Day after day you make me grin

The nights so cold

It makes me wonder…

What I would do without you

On the nights with thunder

Teddy, dear Teddy

You catch me when I fall

Teddy, sweet Teddy

You’ll be with me through it all

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Blind Evolution

Children on playgrounds

Lollipops in hand

Forever increasing their ice cream demand

Minds so pure, yet to be shaken

But still at night, they are being awaken…

By the monsters of the unknown

Though right and wrong they’re shown

Abused by power their whole life through

Gasping for air, they don’t know what to do

Too loud, too shy

Too afraid to die

Shocked from impulse

Struggling to strive

Constantly overlooked, streamed by hate

Hesitant to pull back the curtain to reveal their fate

Hearts bursting, foundation of benevolence

Never confuse education with intelligence

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I’m stuck in a generation full of spite

The ghostly projections of the mind take flight

Rich with feathers, light as air

Beautifully spoken, still we care

Above the grass so green

Thoughts flowing, so serene

We swim through the water of the lonely beach

Feet in the sand, our toes will reach

Waves travel from dusk till dawn

What once was there, now is gone

Prints used to be there so proud and tall

Even with their absence now, doesn’t mean they weren’t there at all

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Dream Pre

I’m spinning through universes

I don’t know what to do with myself

Should I laugh?

Should I cry?

Should I look behind me as I fly?

Let’s walk an empty street

Feel the world around us

I see the possibilities

While I walk the world alone

I want to reach, I want to grab

Whatever may hold my hand

Or warmth or shelter, I’m yet to stand

Do I sit?

Do I lie?

Do I sink till I die?

I’m yet to know, for time will tell

From the seed first planted to the flowers I know so well

Tip toeing one by one

Till I reach the end of the hallway will I be done

Is that a whisper?

Is that s shout?

I’ve come to far to glide my way out

She’s beautiful don’t you see

Just the exotic defining beauties all around me

Her hair so perfect without a single flaw

From her head to her toes so perfectly raw

We wave along the past goodbye

When we trade it all for the all-seeing eye

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The Concept

Love is a paradox

Stretched to such lengths

Is it a simple beauty

… or just another tragedy?

We love life

So delicate, so precious, so strenuous

Yet somehow broken

If love really exists

Why do we yank it around so carelessly?

If we think we understand its worth

Why are we so quick to sabotage the love others receive?

We try to block it, to change it, to bind it

So oblivious that it has no limits

It has no sight

Feels like magic

Looks like heaven

But we can’t get it right

See again, be again

Right again, fight again

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Is it better to focus on the good in people or to guard yourself from them because of the bad…
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The Struggle to Fate

Shadows lurk yet to be found

Sitting, waiting, listening for a sound

The beauty resides as the hearts collide

To each other they sing aloud

Beat, beat, beat we hear them call

From the love we keep, still we fall

We walk to spy and continue to lie

Until we lose it all

Look! I see what my heart wants to be

From the leeches that latch

What I simply can’t grasp

I cry among the wind so free

Streams and life

Together they glide

Not caring about the fight to arrive

Sleeping so lost without a single dream

Reality can’t live no matter how it may seem

The flowers flowing from the bait we’re showing

And a slap in the face for love

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A Beautiful Lie

I stay, I stay strong

My armor made of steel

My heart made of gold

With roses I feel

I struggle with existence day by day

Struck with conflict they seem to stay

Love travels far where peace collides

Trying to find strength where my heart resides

Let down and broken I hear, I feel

Of the darkness around me

Playing in a reel

Living in a world of no appreciation

For mother natures strained and saturated creation

Lonely souls they deal and deal

With the Devil of hate

Full of false appeal

Sing aloud to a lonely wolf so shy

And you’ll receive a gift so beautiful and alive

Leaves are falling each generation to pass

Laying so motionless throughout the grass

I find such passion in simplicity

I want to grasp the truth

Hard to find, my thoughts intertwine

Believe in a day of complete faithful gravity

We only find fortune when we’re truly happy

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I believe that life is just one long song, each unique with its own beat and melody

Those most beautiful ones being the hardest ones to compose

I smile everyday with no one to know of the tragedy I hold inside of me

You would never know of the huge hole in my soul

It leaves me wondering if everything is supposed to be a sign leading me to an ultimate doom

Or possibly the path to my savior, it leaves me lost

I get lost in music almost as much as I get lost in my hopeless troubles

I am unfairly conflicted and troubled beyond my control

I get goose bumps from trapped spiritual emotions

I want an easy way out

My life has been a maze for too long and I just want to grasp the truth of my purpose

I’m tired of living on the dark side of the moon

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Carry On

Depth is the bridge of curiosity

In such a modern tone we lie

Cry, cry in the distance we cry

For a chance, romance, that one last dance

For time we fly above the highest mountain tops to shy

The breath of an angel seems so desperate for purpose

Defining life for those that have been torn from their depths

We’re prisoners to our hearts with regret

Though there is even beauty in the broken

I venture for meaning, breaking out of vain deception

Yet I carry on now for if we hold back on ourselves, are we really living?

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A Different Path

There are so many people wrapped in beauty

Using it till the day where it comes no more

I’m flowing, jumping, dancing from passion

I live for nothing more

I soar to my destiny

Far from a straight path it may be

But I know I’ll find my way back to that place that makes me free

I continue to work, dance and love

I beg for my guiding spirits to hear me up above

The simplest yet most complicated thing in life is love and friendship

I don’t understand why it is so hard to come by

Best friends and worst enemies are few and far between

Yet they hurt to the point where my heart wants to scream

Take me away to a different place

Let me see a different face

I give so much but I am yet to receive

What my heart wants to believe

But I know when I whisper to the night I’ll be alright

And I’ll keep putting up that fight

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Passion, tragedy, love, hate

… silence…

To hold on to what you have but to let go of what breaks you, shakes you, intimidates you, creates you

Every little thing brings me back

Back to that place, back to that memory, back to that time

Don’t let it in, keep it out

Be open for a different route

Imagination with your exploration of time and space

Guiding me to that very different place

I have so much but yet I want more

I’m in over my head with victory though I’ve never been so alone

I’ll shed my skin, breathe it all in

I’ve never been so free

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