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This blog is geared more towards writing, poetry, and bitching about life. I might add some photography or parts of my life as well. Enjoy my complicated mind!
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I’m dancing around in circles

Losing where I want to go

Fighting through to obstacles

To get somewhere that nobody will know

Laughing at the truth of the matter that slightly grazes the surface of creativity

While stuck in a land held by nothing but reality

Hoping for differing results ahead

My whole world i broken into pieces that leave me left behind

I wonder which path to take like the single impact of a butterfly

Wings, they flap oh so gently

Yet they leave behind a current of wind

The wind that may cause a tragedy

Though to origin of such true beauties turns into a beast

I hike through the dust trying not to care in the least

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Waiting, watching, listening for love

The love that has lasted and been faithful so long

I dream of the day it’ll come walk back through the door

Please come back, be faithful more

It hurts everyday

The thought of never having you back

I love you and miss you, just cut me some slack

Watching the shadows cast from the window to the floor

Trying to ignore the pain coming from deep in my core

I listen extra close to each and every sound

Just to be disappointed and not see you around

My heart beats fast from uncertainty

The headaches and anxiety just keep progressing

Just as cold as death it plays with my heart

I miss you so much, I just wish you realized how much I care

I am deprived of the happiness you’re always giving me

I miss your presence just to keep me company

I cry, I grieve, yet to receive…

Your love, it leaves me stressed and lonely

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The Keeper

I keep it quiet

My lips shut tight

I make sure of it everytime

Secrets, secrets, secrets

They always seem to hurt someone,

but it’s cause they want to know right?

But nobody wants to share

Shush, no one must know

Carrying my pride and displaying my feelings appropriately but sure to keep this inside my heart

… my life goes on

I love it, I really hate it

Who cares, I’m the only one that knows

Not so much a burden

Perhaps more of a struggle it seems to be

It… it almost comes out

But I keep it quiet

I want to be understood

I wish they would stop hurting me

… if only they knew

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Love and lust are cherish able present highs endowed by the wealthy

They make me want you to just embrace me one more time and I’ll be set for life

I’ll be forever lost in your touch while all I’ll need is your love to lean on

Give me hope and I’ll give you a dream

While I ponder about sweet lines you give me that leave me holding on to every precious word

And when the love from you may have ever been misplaced…

The world makes a point to stop and our love is lost in time

But as we well know nothing like that could ever be possible because your love and your lust shall always be empowering to feed my soul

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Wilted Flower

Why do I hold on

I keep feeling something is missing and every day I’m proven right

Give me a chance to dream

A chance to breathe

I feel lost and confused while all seems well on the outside

Covering up only goes so far

One day I shall have to cut the rope binding me to my miserable fate which truly seeks future opportunities

But don’t fret, I’ll come back

I’ll come back

Only for a chance to see the tragedy I’ve grown from

While I go down in sinkholes and decline in planes,

The only thing I wish is that I will at least be able to keep my nose above ground and the plane won’t crash

My dreams seem like an endless and unreachable fantasy

I just hope this thread lasts a little longer because within this small strand lies my heart

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Dreaming Awake

I eat, I breathe, I sleep…

I cry for days and weep

Time continues to pass with no care

While all I do is wait and stare

Seeking attention from the wealthy, trying to put on a false grin

Giving the world my heart and thoughts that make my head spin

Feeling sick, watered eyes with a past

Greeting bait for virtue that lasts

Sweating for the long lost time

Regretting the days you thought I was fine

Down my spine those chills sure go

From feelings I keep and no one must know

Vulnerable circumstances tugging at my heart

Leaving me in the dust, forcing us to part

Wishing for the wonderful experience of night and day

I stay here in the dark and continue to play

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Hand in Hand

Here they come, once again

Why the events surprised me once again I shall not know

I live and regret

I try to move on and grow

I am a weed you may say

I live my own existence and run into conflicts beyond my control

I am loved by what created me yet rejected by some

I breathe the air that I am provided and take things as they come

Hard to defeat me it might be but no quite impossible

Embrace my beauties and accept me as I am

Let us live in harmony and I shall give you beautiful flowers to feed your sight

Though you come and go, hurt and care, we must part from this cold truth that we will strive on our own

Grasp the beauty of life as it is discovered by you and we shall meet again

We shall meet hand in hand

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Natures Way

Trees collide day by day

Back doors open, forever they stay

Leaves have fallen, short to last

While the sunshine is feeding on souls and their tragic pasts

Birds continuous songs lifting hearts all day long

Just for the stage to end when their songs turn to frightful chirps when the murders never end

What happened to the days where the tortoise won over the hare

Oh why do I keep preaching when nobody seems to care

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My Biggest Enemy

To have a soul then to steal

While raping hearts at an endless reel

Life of joy and respect so though forever

Where that is destroyed while you manipulate and you think you’re so clever

Great thought of minds and souls wondering beyond

All while being the least bit fond

Seeing your everlasting shape continue to posses

Is like hearing to sounds of internal murder

As thou only hope is of lonesome serenity

Where forever you will simply be my biggest enemy

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Inside Out

Here I am

Come and try to find me

It sure shouldn’t be very hard with your eyes

You know, considering how you didn’t have much of a hard time seeing the others

You can’t do this forever

Someday you will just have to accept it

For me being this way is a blessing

Go ahead and try to take that frame of mind away from me

Not only will you not get far but you will get nowhere with trying to destroy me

Being different is a wonderful thing in life

Just since you like to have all of the new things, popular things

It doesn’t make any comparison to my likes

I know your true key to happiness, being popular, fitting in

While on the other side there is me

Loving to feel and be the person I am and will forever be

Your so called happiness will come and go like the wind

Mine will stay in my heart forever

Trying to mess with us; the free birds of life

We will just laugh and find it pathetic

You can’t change us

You can’t change me

Just try

See where you will go

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Something We Don’t Understand

Here life lies

Wondering times come and go

Passing features with their essence accompanying life itself

Finding warmth in hearty souls

More mazes than ever before

Once with a smile that seems everlasting but is gone once more

Not receiving enough clues or simply not enough found

Drifting away much more than previous times

Where it is coming to be nothing but a cloud before our very own eyes

Still not to care about anything but mankind

With peace and nature yet to be restored

Recognizing it would be very lonely being the only one that cares

With one to say those are the feelings that life portrays

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One Fine Day

You feel deserted

No one understands you

No one cares to listen

No one takes the time to try to relate to you

You see life as the bad times

You sometimes feels rejected

You don’t know why people are so mean

How they are so thoughtless

How they think they can just step all over you

But you don’t know what to do

You never know how to handle it until it’s too late

Even then, when you know, you can’t do it

Then there’s time… just ticking away

Don’t know where it’s going

Sometimes don’t care

But that’s just the way it is

Never know, try to hide

Wanting to find the key to life and other people

Just to think, that would make things so much easier

But if you ever had that…

Where would all the good things go?

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Breathe in, breathe out

My time is now

I live, I thrive to seize the day

The day that leaves me so cold and lonely

Success is up there high and proud

Sometimes so hard to reach

I breathe in, I breathe out

Crying for help

But nobody seems to hear me

Seeing, believing what our futures hold

Tasting what the truth becomes

I feel the day where my time runs out with only some soul to spear

I see you standing there feeding upon my misfortunes so naturally

I no longer can bare

The thought of your cold-hearted stare

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